Keystone Anglers Guide Service

Lake Erie Pa Trib Rates

$250 Full Day, (1 Person)  $250.00 (2 Person) 8 hour Trip

​$125.00 Half Day, ​(1 Person)  $200.00 (2 Person) 4 hour Trip

$350 1 Full Day and 1 half day (1-2 Person) 

Our fishermen get special Motel Pricing at the Steelhead Inn Erie, Pa. Please mention  "Fishermen Rate" when booking a room.

Smallmouth Bass Trips

I've always loved fishing for Smallmouth Bass. As a kid I used to fish for them in every river system in Central Pa that they lived in. The Juniata River, Susquehanna River, Frankstown Branch of the Juniata, and a bunch of other waterways that I still don't know the name were my favorites. As a bait fisherman I would catch Hellgrammites and soft shell Crayfish and have the time of my life catching Smallies. 

As I got into fly fishing my passion for Wild Trout took over and the Smallmouth Bass fishing took a back seat. It would remain that way for years until my youngest son asked me to go fishing one hot summer weekend. My initial response was "we can't fish for trout now", to which he replied "Dad we don't need to fish for trout". What a foreign thought to me but after some pondering the memories of catching those Smallies came rushing back and we were on our way to Central Pa. 

After the several hour drive we were "wet wading" in one of the unknown river systems that I had fished so often as a youth. This time instead of live Hellgrammityes and Crayfish we were using our fly gear with Clousers, Whooly Buggers, and Crayfish imitation flies. Although we didn't catch any monster Smallies that day, it was such a joy to share and explore that fishery with my son. It also lit a fire in me to get back into the Smallie game and find some quality water and fishing to offer my clients. 

My oldest son Josh is a big Bass fisherman who represents Mansfield University in the FLW College Tour. He's been telling me for the past few years about the Erie Smallmouth run and how we need to try it. But our normal routine is to pound the Steelhead fishing until Spring then focus our efforts on the Central Pa Wild Trout fishing. Erie is usually an afterthought by then so we always seemed to miss it. This Spring I made an effort to fish the run and boy was it well worth it!! We feel we have a good grasp on what flies to use and where to fish, that next Spring we will be doing full time Smallmouth trips for those interested. For anyone that's never caught a Smallmouth Bass it is a MUST try!! They truly are one of the toughest pound for pound freshwater fish there are!