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Lake Erie Steelhead


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          Half Day Trips are 4+ Hours

​          Full Day Trips are 8+ Hours 

IMPORTANT: The Lake Erie Trib fishing is extremely dependent upon rain fall. We will make every effort to monitor the stream conditions and to communicate these conditions with you. Ultimately the decision to travel to Erie to fish is on YOU the client and we take NO responsibility for that decision. 

$460.00 2 Full Days, with 1 Night stay at the Steelhead Inn In Erie, Pa (1 Person)  

$660 2 Full Days, with 1 Night stay at the Steelhead Inn in Erie,Pa (2 People)

$360.00 1 Full Day, 1 Half Day,with 1 Night stay at the Steelhead Inn In Erie, Pa (1 Person) $460.00 (2 People), with 1 Night stay at the Steelhead Inn Erie,Pa

$250 Full Day, (1 Person)  $300.00 (2 Person)

​$175.00 Half Day, ​(1 Person)  $200.00 (2 Person)

Keystone Anglers Guide Service

If you've never fished for Steelhead before you have no idea what your missing! These fish will test even the most seasoned fly fisherman and dish out a slice of humble pie to those who take them for granted. We start the Fall Steelhead season as soon as there is water and fish in the streams and we will continue until the last fish is back in the lake. We concentrate our Steelhead fishing efforts on Elk, 16 Mile, and 20 Mile Creeks. Fish are caught on egg patterns, sucker spawn, blood dots, and an assortment of nymphs. If you enjoy fishing the swing you can't go wrong with Whooly Buggers, Clowser Minnows, Intruders, and egg sucking leaches just to name a few. So contact us TODAY to reserve your spot for this awesome game fish. 

All trips require a $100 non refundable deposit to reserve a trip date. In the event of inclement weather the deposit will be held and a new trip date will be scheduled. 

Your favorite Fly Rod in whatever size and weight you prefer. (We do have fly rods available)

Flies (We will have boxes full of our favorites)

Food and Drinks

Appropriate fishing licence and stamps

Camera for capturing your trophy fish 

Cold/Rain Gear