Keystone Anglers Guide Service

We kicked off our 2016 Steelhead season in mid September with catch and hook up numbers well in the double digits per day. We've had huge success the last few years using " Nuke Eggs"  in orange, pink and green and that hasn't changed in 2016/2017. We've also added the infamous "Squirmy worm" to our arsenal and the fish absolutely loved them. Several shades of red, orange, and pink are catching fish as well as a "top secret" color that only those who book a trip with us will get to find out. I can tell you first hand that it's caught highly pressured fish in low clear water where other flies wouldn't work so it's the real deal! We also had some clients that wanted to throw streamers and they worked very well also. Clousers and Olive Sculpin patterns seemed to illicit some crushing bites much to the delight of our clients.

Compare the facial spots on both!

2016/2017 Steelhead Season

On  December 23 I was guiding a good friend in the same area when he hooked into a beauty of a male Steelhead. After a ferocious back and forth battle I was able to get the fish into the net. At first glance I knew it was him! A huge smile encompassed my face and I shared my catch story with my buddy. We high fived each other and relished in the moment. What a great experience to share with a great friend and it was only made possible by CnR!

Catch and Release Works

I was fortunate to catch the below fish on November 13 while on a scouting mission on one of the Erie Tribs. This old bruiser gave me the fight of my life and I needed help from my son who had to land him after it got dark and without a flashlight. After a few quick pics I let him slip through my hands with a good luck wish that he got to return safely to Lake Erie soon. 

My Catch November 13

My Buddies Catch December 23