Smallmouth Bass are considered the pound for pound toughest fighting freshwater fish in North America. Those of us that have battled these bronze colored footballs can attest to this strength. Add to the fact that we chase them with light fly gear you can imagine the fun we have. 

We usually start catching a few Smallmouth towards the end of the Spring Steelhead run when the water temperatures start to rise. The action picks up in early May with the arrival of some of the bigger fish looking to spawn in the upper reaches of many of the Lake Erie Tributaries. Site fishing for fat territorial females is nothing short of spectacular when they angrily attack your fly. The fishing typically lasts for about a month or so before the fish vacate the warm shallow spawning waters for their deep water home in Lake Erie.


Lake Erie Trib Smallmouth Fishing 

$300 Full Day, (1 Person)  $375 (2 Person) 8+ hour Trip

​$200 Half Day, ​(1 Person)  $250.00 (2 Person) 4 hour Trip


Our fishermen get special Motel Pricing at the Steelhead Inn Erie, Pa. Please mention  "Fishermen Rate" when booking a room.

Smallmouth Trip Rates

We require a $100 non refundable deposit to reserve your trip. In the event of inclement weather the deposit will be held and a new trip date will be scheduled. There are absolutely NO refunds on gift certificates! 

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